Affiliated to Mahatmagandhi University - Approved by NCTE

We have a separate canteen facilities for students and staff, which provides best meals and snacks at a cheaper cost under a highly hygienic condition.


There are six classrooms spacious enough to accommodate the six optional. All classrooms are well equipped with adequate furniture and also provided with proper ventilation and lighting arrangements convenient for work. A spacious hall is available to accommodate the students for general papers.


Students, who require hostel facility, are put in Engineering College hostel. Hostel seekers are too minimum. Hostel is situated in the main campus of the institutions.


Principal occupies a central position in the entire structure of education. To meet various requirements of the principal adequate arrangements have been made with the establishment of a cabin. There is also provision for accommodating non-teaching staff with needed facilities to assist the principal in the administration.

Staff Room

A well-equipped and spacious staff room is available to the staff to prepare their lessons comfortably. Intercom, telephone facilities, computer facilities and seating arrangements are available.

Physical & Instructional facilities

Aesthetically designed three storied building is constructed on a serene and beautiful campus. Spacious enough to accommodate the different needs of the B.Ed course. Excellent infrastructure facilities are available. Well stocked library, Seminar hall and conference rooms, well equipped laboratories and computer lab, hostel, play ground, gymnasium, multipurpose building and parking sheds are available.


Some of the special features of the institution are, well furnished lecture hall, Regular Tutorial sessions, special counselling services, invited lectures by eminent personalities, conference and seminars, special classes for weak students, variety of teaching aids, Regular test papers and assignments, encouraging group studies, preparatory classes for weak students, yoga and meditation, training to all students, learning skill development classes, spoken English development courses, computerized services using smart cards, special cell for the development of women and value education.
Our college is trying to establish a very dynamic and active placement cell. Regular training on the job skills is given to the students. English classes are arranged to develop communication skill. Quiz programmes, paper presentation and mock interview are conducted regularly. A team of teachers is functioning in the institution who takes care of training the students for placement. Adi Sankara Training College is making inevitable progress every year by way of excellent functioning. A group of committed teaching professionals conduct classes by exploiting the latest devices and models of teaching. Along with their studies, the college offers its students free course in personality development.
Modern education is a very frequently changing subject. The advent of latest information technology, electronic mass media, internet, multimedia of computers and the world wide web has changed contents and course of education. The latest researches in educational technology has also influenced the teaching methods and studies in modern education. We have to better prepare everybody for life in modern society and for that we need quality teachers. So we have to update our institution with necessary technological accessories to provide quality teacher training to our teacher trainees as expected. So we are planning to provide all facilities and enhance the instructional potentials of this institution.

Faculty Improvement Programme

Backbone of our college is the teaching staff. Well qualified teachers of proficiency, scholarship and team spirit are working here within the tight schedule of the B.Ed curriculum of the institution and utilized every opportunity for faculty improvement. Faculty members are encouraged to participate state level seminars on modern trends in curriculum transaction and evaluation and also attended state level workshop on materializing social constructivitism of critical pedagogy. And also utilizing the resources of our institutions under the trust, our college used to organize every year seminars and workshops on modern pedagogies. Our staff submits research papers on different aspects of the post modern pedagogies for the emerging global society. Thus our staff are well equipped with up to date knowledge in the educational practices.


The college equipped with different labs for different disciplines to conduct experiments. We have to update our institution with recent technological accessories and to enrich the subjects labs with necessary apparatus and with teaching aids. Natural Science lab consists of Microscope single, compound and dissecting along with dissecting lens. Models of eye, ear, heart, and kidney are available. Apparatus to explain the respiratory system, Digestive system and specimen jars formation, Dissecting board and so many other instruments are available for the effective teaching of the natural Science subject. Physical Science lab consists of sonometer, Burette, and so many other apparatus are available. Technology lab consists of computers, white boards, rolling boards, 3 OHPs, Documentation Camera, slide Projector, film strip Projector and the needed things. Psychology lab is enriched with so many items for experiment. Block design card picture completion card, self valuation board (Intelligence Test), Maze learning apparatus, APRC conditioning reflex apparatus, personality inventory, TAT, Numerical ability, Span of attitude apparatus and other necessary apparatus are available to cope up with the modern educational needs.