Adi Sankara Training College

Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University - Approved by NCTE

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The college has sufficient infrastructure facilities for housing class rooms, college office, library, laboratories, staff rooms, physical fitness room, seminar hall, auditorium and common rooms.


ICT Lab has a sufficient number of computers and 24 hours internet access. Internet facilities are provided in the Computer lab and in the departments to enable Staff and students to get access to the enormous WWW resources. The College computer centre is fully equipped to cater the needs of the entire students of the college. It has a mini class room and can accommodate about 30 students at a time. Admission to the computer centre is open to all students. Students are allowed to enter batch wise so that each student gets sufficient time to use the computer. It gives general awareness classes to students and non teaching staff.


All students are expected to make the best use of the college library and the reading room and must maintain a record of their work. The library satisfies the teaching and research needs of the college.There are about 7291 books on various subjects which include 3000 reference books and 4700 textbooks. The Institution library subscribes to around 6 journals including vernacular, English and International Journals.The general library is made available to the staff and student teachers on all working days from 9 am to 4.30 pm.


“ Learning by doing” is one of the cardinal principles of teaching science. We have a very good physical science and Natural science labs and trainees go very free to do the experiment under the guidance of their teachers. The laboratory is equipped with various apparatus for conducting experiments in Physics/Chemistry/Biology that are appropriate for high school classes. The teacher trainees can make use of the laboratory facilities for conducting demonstrations/experiments.

Psychological Laboratory

In order to realize the educational implications of psychological theories and principles, a psychology lab is functioning in the college with many psychological aids. The college maintains a well-furnished psychology lab with a variety of psychological tests and equipment. Students are given practical sessions to familiarise themselves with various psychological tests and obtain practical skills in their administration, scoring, and interpretation.

Language Laboratory

With a view to ensuring global competencies in our students, the college has established a digital language lab to help our students develop and refine their communicative skills in English. The lab is equipped with 13 computers. Internet connectivity is also provided in the lab.