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Student Corner

Yoga Practises

The college is so concerned with the affective dimensions enriching quality of Teacher Education scenario. The Yoga Conclave is constituted in order to bring forth the holistic progress among the Teacher Trainees. Consistent Yoga practice ensures a healthy mind, body and soul among the students.

Cultural Practises

Education is defined as a continuous process meant to develop every child's character, personality and culture. The institution has a Cultural Activities Club that is functioning with a broad perspective of unleashing the innate talents of each teacher trainees through incessant participations in co-curricular and extra-curricular events. As part of activities of the club, teacher trainees of the institution are given support and motivation to indulge in various cultural activities organized in and outside the college.


The institution holds pride in its thousands of old student members who have made their marks of excellence in various fields of activities both nationally and internationally. Every year on the second Saturday of the month of January, the alumni meet is held in the college. Apart from this various batches of old students hold occasional gatherings during other times of year. The congregation serves as a uniting platform and discussion forum of alumni from across the world.

SUPW(Socially Useful Productive Work)

Teacher Training programmes globally incorporates socially oriented work experience schedules. SUPW or Socially Useful Productive Work is such an enterprise which includes endeavors with potentials of community oriented, constructive and fruitful outputs in the form of service or products. Campus cleaning and beautification, handicrafts making, improvised utensils, indigenous cookery etc. are some of the activities organized as SUPW.

Placement Cell

The process of education has manifold aims and objectives. Vocational aim is a prominent one. Placement cell of the institution helps to create awareness among the teacher trainees their career options and guide them in developing career skills. The cell also helps to organize activities on career planning to achieve the required career objectives and placements. The placement cell acts as a mediating space between students, alumni and employers. Cararia Niche is a displayed spectrum maintained by the placement cell incorporating the recent advertisements in different media. Collaboration with different educational and vocational agencies helps the cell to organize orientation and placement programmes.

Tourism Club

Tourism plays a major part in the transmission of cultures across the world. Tourism is more defined in its social, cultural and economic spaces. In the field of education, Tourism has a place of sensing new experiences. It has been functioning with special objectives of exploring possibilities of local level/ domestic tourism, conducting studies on tourism destinations, documenting history of tourism spots, conducting tourism related survey and organizing interview sessions like "meet the guest" with foreigners. The tourism club members participate in district and state level camps organized by DTPC and KTDC. It is also a supplementing factor that our institution is situated in the crux of Muziris project by Kerala Council for Historical Research (KCHR).

Social Science Club

Social Science is the subject that is related to the origin, organization and the development of human society especially to man and his association with other men. Developing the sense of inter dependence of man and his environment, developing life skills, promoting socio-personal qualities, understanding the egalitarian social system and instilling in the student teachers qualities of critical and reflective thinking, observation and problem solving are the vital visions of the Social Science Club. The Social Science Club actualizes programmes, field trips, celebrating days of social relevance, cultural events, discussions, debates, seminars, publications, quiz competitions and journaling.

Science Club

Every teacher is expected to be a man of science. The Science Club functioning in our college provides varied opportunities and experiences for Teacher Trainees to enhance the scientific attitude and creative abilities. Science related exhibitions, improvisations and demonstrations, scientific journaling, workshops, science seminars, publications, photography events, industry visits, observational field-trips, interviews with scientists and scholars, visual display managements, discourses on science in daily life etc. are the major interventions of the Science Club.

Mathematics Club

Mathematics is the crust of the universe, as we cannot imagine a world devoid of numerical expressions. The institution has a Mathematics Club coined with objectives of recognizing the kaleidoscopic potentials of mathematics that filters through the world around us, appreciate its usefulness, power and beauty, enjoy mathematics in its all pervading aesthetics and savor the unending progressions related to mathematical applications. The club organizes competitions, quiz programmes, resource material preparations for school students, publications and social extension activities like remedial teaching.

Commerce Club

In one sense the history of Commerce is termed as the history of mankind. Commerce can be defined as an organized system for the exchange of goods. In the current world, it changes the fate and genius of nations. Commerce Education is a living discipline which charter new routes to the services and aspirations of nations. Commerce Club in the college is formulated to inculcate attitudes, skills and motivation to learn business subjects. Debates, discussions, quiz programmes, exhibitions, publications and familiarizations of modern commercial practices are organized as part of the club activities.